What is Integrify?

Integrify is a software development center for talented newcomers.
We want to help people kick-start their life in Finland by providing world-class education, practical training, equipment, and job opportunities.

Integrify takes a results-oriented approach by integrating its participants into society through technology and jobs. To accomplish this, Integrify focuses on the ultimate meritocracy; software development.

Questions? Contact CEO Daniel Rahman, +358 50 5650 448 or email [email protected]

Vuosisadan rakentajat win
Integrify class

100% success rate -
All graduates in jobs

Our pilot project was a huge success all graduates have ended up with a well-paying job in the tech industry in Finland.

We have started our new training program and looking for the next exciting project to accomplish!

2018 participants

What’s in it for me?

It takes multiple years for an immigrant to get even a low-skill job in Finland. Integrify empowers newcomers to take part in the tech ecosystem to fill developer positions after only 6-12 months. The pilot was a huge success - all pilot participants have been employed in Helsinki.

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Meet the pilot participants

”I arrived in Finland from Syria in January of 2016. Integrify is already empowering me to create a new life here. I have become a junior developer thanks to the springboard Integrify has provided!”– Nizar Rahme, Digia