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Integrify Benefits Society And The Economy

Integrify’s software developer training programme benefits society by placing immigrants into jobs and reducing the costs of unemployment.
People who may otherwise be excluded from the community are given a fast-track to integration by being taught how to code on our year-long training scheme.
This helps participants to get into the workplace, live independently and actively contribute to society, while also addressing the Europe-wide digital skills gap.
Integrify’s pilot programme launched in the Finnish capital Helsinki in 2016.
Every single graduate was successfully placed in work, benefiting both the individual and the city itself.
In fact, the City of Helsinki will save an estimated €200,000 per graduate over five years, once they are off benefits and paying income tax.

We are now expanding our service across Europe and aim to train 10,000 people in digital skills by 2030.
Find out how your community can profit by cutting the cost of integration. 

Contact Daniel Rahman, +358505650448 or [email protected] to see our coding academy in action.