Digia is a Finnish software and service provider that helps leading organizations develop their services, 
manage their business, and make efficient use of data at home and abroad.

One of our major assets is our profound knowledge and understanding of the core processes of local organizations, and of the supporting operational systems and integrations

We joined Integrify as we believe that we can make a difference in the lives of people who have entered Finland in search for a new home - and the best way to do it is by providing them with a means to better themselves.

What we care about is motivation, willingness to learn and the ability to produce world-class code. As that's what we do as well.

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Druid consists of carefully selected, highly skilled Drupal enthusiasts. We build superb web services with a focus on large, challenging web systems where performance optimization, stability, and high code quality are absolutely vital.

“Integrify is the most natural and concrete way for us to support people who are building a new life more or less from scratch here in Finland. We want to help people gain empowerment and find a new career in software development.”Mika Suominen, Founder & CEO, Druid

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Fraktio is a software company specializing in web applications and good vibes. We'll help you grow your business with first-class web software - from initial concept work to development and maintenance. We believe the internet can be better. We'll make it better.

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We are Wunder. We are a company that designs, builds and optimizes digital solutions. With a unique blend of continuous development, user research and agile coaching we have the power to grow, retain and engage with our clients.
For nearly 10 years we have built up a reputation because working with us is easy. We are open, honest and professional because we put people ahead of processes and approach everyday business with complete transparency. 

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For Blidz, Integrify represents a great way to help people that are in dire need. Blidz is a technology-driven company and we truly believe in the power that software development can create empowerment. Integrify has given us access to an outstanding resource pool with motivated software developers and benefitted our internal culture as the whole team is working on a meaningful side-project that can create change with the thing we love: technology. This is truly a win-win. Lasse Diercks, Blidz CEO

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Omni Partners was born from a desire to help e-retailers succeed in ever increasing international pressure – as well as a hint of frustration and a desire to change the current culture of digital business. And it’s this culture change that’s inherent in Integrify as well:

“This is simply a great idea - we are more than eager to help in any way we can. It’s not just about coders - I believe there is huge potential for the entire digital ecosystem awaiting to be unlocked within Integrify”Petteri Erkintalo, Founder, Omni Partners

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Omni Partners

UpCloud Ltd is a European cloud hosting company offering the world’s fastest infrastructure-as-a-service for the most IO intensive workloads. Currently, the company provides services from datacentres based in the UK, USA, Germany and Finland. UpCloud will be providing all the webhosting needs Integrify might have.

“One of our goals at UpCloud has been to offer a platform for IO intensive workloads to individuals and companies at an attractive price - something that was previously only available to those with deep pockets. We believe in democratising technology for all and enabling everyone to build the services they want. Hence, it is natural for us to be part of something like Integrify and we’re proud to support the cause.”Antti Vilpponen, CEO, UpCloud

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“Building Venuu, a booking service for event spaces, we’ve personally seen how important it is for people to get to do something they’re passionate about, be part of and contribute to a community.

Integrify makes that possible for people in a very difficult situation, and we’re honored to be able to do our part in facilitating integration.”Jasu Koponen, Founder & CEO, Venuu

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The Kide Foundation creates solutions to societal problems that, for one reason or another, remain in the shadow of both public and private service offerings. At the time of the founding of the foundation (2016), in particular, asylum seekers were blind spots that traditional approaches can not address. But we do not want to cast our field of cement - a strong player must be renewed in the field.

Human dignity and inclusion in society belong to everyone, social-ethical responsibility is trying to bear our share as far as money is enough!

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Rite Ventures invests in internet and ICT companies in Sweden and Finland - from bigger companies such as, Nebula & Paradox Entertainment to smaller high-growth companies such as Nord Software, Innohome & Skincity.

”We believe there is a great chance to convert a potential disaster into a great opportunity for Finland. We believe in the power of technology, we've seen it first hand in the companies we work in. So we are supporting Integrify”Christoffer Häggblom, Managing Partner, Rite Ventures

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Rite Ventures

Helsinki is the Capital of Finland and the center of the Helsinki Region, a functional urban region of about 1.4 million inhabitants and 751,000 jobs.
The population of Helsinki is becoming more and more international every year. Over ten percent of the population has a mother tongue other than Finnish or Swedish.

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