Future tech entrepreneur?

Originally from Baghdad, Iraq, the 22-year-old Eyas is looking forward to learning coding and getting to know the Finnish working culture at Integrify. In the future, he wishes to settle down in Helsinki, work in app development, and perhaps one day start his own tech company.

Eyas had moved out of Iraq, working at a local tech startup company. He had started in customer care, and had since then moved on to tech support, working side by side with the company’s developer. He also occasionally took part in sales and accounting.

“That’s the great thing about working in a small company: you get to do really versatile stuff”, Eyas says.

All in all, Eyas was leading a pretty normal life of a young man, spending his free time gaming, swimming and hiking with his friends.

Due to the country security situation, living in Iraq wasn’t safe. Eyas’ father had been killed in a terrorist attack.

“I decided it was time to leave, so I headed to Europe on my own.”

A farewell to idleness

Eyas headed to Italy, and from there, traveled across Europe to Finland.

“My friend had moved to Sweden, but I preferred Finland as I had heard such good things about the country’s school system. Learning new things and getting ahead in life is my number one priority”, Eyas says.

He arrived in 2015. It became clear very quickly that the asylum seeking process was going to take a lot of time. While Eyas has only good things to say about the staff and treatment at the reception centers, he admits it was hard spending his days doing absolutely nothing.

“The winter felt especially difficult. I now understand why Finns are so fond of metal music!”

Then Integrify came along, offering an unexpected way out from the endless waiting and idleness. Thanks to his experience working in a tech startup, Eyas got selected for the first training batch.

“I’ve had an interest in IT for a long time, so this is like a dream come true! I had prepared for a long wait before I could start studying and get a job in Finland, but this opportunity takes me ten steps ahead on that road in only a few weeks. I’m very thankful.”

Learning about the Finnish work culture

Along with learning coding, Eyas thinks the training program is a great place to gain understanding about the Finnish working culture.

“It will make integrating into Finland a lot easier. If you know the working culture, you’re halfway there.”

In the future, Eyas wishes to work in app development, perhaps in the gaming industry. His ultimate goal is to start his own company.

“Working in a startup was a good school for entrepreneurship, as I’m quite aware of the kind of issues a startup might face. Still, I have a lot more to learn.”

But first things first.

“I’d very much like to build myself a life in Helsinki, get a job and an apartment here. I’m also looking forward to meeting new people and making some friends. Having people you can rely on is essential.”