For Participants

Why Should I Apply For Integrify?

Learning to code with Integrify will give you the skills for a lucrative career as a software developer. If you are new to a country, have good English and analytical skills, and are struggling to find work, a future in coding could be the answer.
Our year-long programme starts with six months in the classroom, where you will learning how to use technologies such as JavaScript, React.js and Redux/Flux. Then your next six months will be spent on an internship with one of our partner companies in order to gain real-life experience in the workplace. At the end of the year, you’ll have gained an invaluable skill set to help you find a job and rebuild your life away from home.
We are proud to say that all the graduates from our pilot programme in Helsinki went on to get jobs in the tech industry.

The next program will start in January. We are still planning the next training program and will announce the date here and on social media when the schedule is set.

You can already leave your application. When the application period begins we will review all the applications that we have received during the year 2018.

More information about applying and the program on the FAQ page.