Integrify awarded €150,000 from the Next Century Builders!

The Next Century Builders Challenge Competition (Vuosisadan Rakentajat) had it’s finale yesterday, along with the Finnish foundations memorial day to celebrate and announce the winners of the competition.

The innovation competition seeks solutions to improve the well-being of the Finnish youth. The competition was set up by 44 Finnish foundations to celebrate 100-year-old Finland and to catalyze teams to build the future for our country. The best solutions were funded by 21 different foundations.

Integrify in the winning teams!

We are excited to announce that Integrify was one of the winners in the competition and was awarded with 150,000€ in funding to take the solution to the next level!

Integrify’s concept tackles an ever-growing problem in Finland. Today, it takes on average of 5+ years for a refugee or an immigrant to get a low-skill job in Finland. Our solution will empower refugees and immigrants to take part in the society by becoming a software developers in only 6–12 months, explains Daniel Rahman, CEO and Co-founder of Integrify.

We would like to thank the Foundations and The Next Century Builders for supporting us and giving us the chance to make a real positive change for the future of Finland. Our journey in this competition has been enriching, sometimes frustrating but in the end exciting, joyful and fun.

Now it’s time to work and start really impacting people’s lives with education and training and give participants access to job opportunities that will help them to build a new life and be an active part of the society.

Now it’s time to move forward and start the real work. We are excited to help integrating skilled people for a better future. Now that we are about to finalize our preparations for the next cohort, a new class of coders will start their training soon and eventually become new coders in Finland!